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Southern Initiative Introduction

After the tremendous success and accomplishments achieved by our organization during the 2020 election, I am thrilled to announce our organization’s newest project for the upcoming election cycle, the “Southern Initiative.”
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By putting forth efforts via social media, billboards, newspaper, television, and radio advertisements, our mission is to move the needle across the Democrat-heavy South by opening the eyes and minds of the Black community to:

  1. End the knee jerk, down ballot voting for Democrats,
  2. Remind them that they are indeed a Godly and conservative community, and
  3. Help to make them feel comfortable voting for conservative, Republican candidates.

After extensive and thorough research, the Southern Initiative will be supporting the following minority candidates across the south for the upcoming election cycle:

It is time for change. It is time for true conservatives who put the people they represent first, to be elected. It is time to break the grip the Democrat Party has on the south and to restore the American Dream through economic growth and opportunities, protecting our constitutional freedoms, and by putting conservative values and God back into our homes.

I humbly ask for your continued prayers and financial support as we move forward with the Southern Initiative. Help me pave the way for our mission and the restoration of living the American Dream.


For more information, to contribute, or to volunteer, please subscribe to our mailing list below. I wholeheartedly invite you and look forward to you joining our family.


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